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What it's mostly about

Looking to lose weight, build muscle, and gain energy on a tight budget? Gorilla Workout is the perfect fitness app for you!

Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises. Our daily body-weight only workout routines combine cardio and strength training interchangeably, to acheive maximum results in a short amount of time. Each exercise targets specific muscle groups to help you strengthen and tone your core, abs, chest, back, arms, and legs, and melt away excess fat. With no need for gyms or fancy equipment, every workout can be done in the smallest of spaces and in practically any location. This is the perfect fitness app for people who want to get in to seriously great shape, lose weight, and gain strength without breaking the bank.

Gorilla Workout is the best fitness app to lose weight, build muscle, and gain energy, all on a tight budget!

Main features

  • 40+ body-weight exercises including push ups, squats, and burpees
  • 4 fitness levels so no matter what kind of shape you're in you're guaranteed a great workout
  • Cross training to maximize cardio and strength
  • Easy to follow day-by-day workout regimen containing hundreds of unique workout routines based on your fitness level
  • Real life video demonstrations and detailed text description of each exercise
  • Full body workouts that will target upper body, lower body, and core while also vastly improving your cardio endurance
  • Social abilities like sharing via facebook and twitter
  • Gorilla Workout is a global app, so once you purchase you get it on all your devices (iTouch, iPhone, iPad)

What it's all about

Gorilla Workout contains 4 levels that provide different workouts depending on your current fitness level. Level 1 is for those of you who are just getting into the fitness game and will have you starting with exercises like wall push ups, air squats, and lunges. Level 4 is for the extremely athletic type, where you'll be performing intense exercises like burpees, pistols, and one arm push ups.

Every exercise comes with a detailed text description on the muscle group worked, how to perform each movement of the exercise, and even contains a video of a real person performing the exercise so you can always ensure your form is right. Every video is downloaded to your device so you can view them at any time, regardless of internet or cell connection.

You'll start at Day 1 in each level and work your way through a day-by-day workout routine that will push you to make it to the next level. Once completing a workout you can share on sites like Facebook or Twitter to get encouragement and motivation, or for bragging rights if your competing amongst friends.

These workouts were designed to work every muscle group, so strength and muscle gains will be easily attainable in muscles like arms, abs, chest, back, and legs. Gorilla Workout is not only about strength and size though. Each workout will vastly improve attributes like agility, vertical leap, and cardio endurance.

Gorilla Workout is a must-have app for all types of athletics. If you're a basketball player the jumping exercises will improve your vertical leap. If you're a football player the shear amount of upper-body exercises will add the power that you'll need on the field. If you're a soccer player the lateral lower-body exercises will massively improve your speed, agility, and quickness to put you in a better position against your opponents.

Gorilla Workout is the full package. If your goal is to get a ripped body, have phenomenal cardio, brute strength, and to be in the best shape of your life, Gorilla Workout will get you there.
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