Taking Fitness Apps to the Next Level

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use fitness app that fits in your busy schedule, you’re in the right place.

Gorilla Workout is an all bodyweight exercise program used by over 1,000,000+ people worldwide. We’ve been translated into 5 languages; praised by Apple, CNN, Lifehacker,¬† and top fitness blogs; and we’re available on practically every device available.

2011 iPad Health & Fitness App of the Year

2012 Apple “New Year, New You” Featured App

2012 Apple “Shape Up” Featured App

Why the hype? We’re the simplest and most effective solution for getting fit using just your own bodyweight. After your first workout, you’ll know why!

  • 40+ bodyweight exercises targeting every area of the body. Check out the full list.
  • 4 fitness levels, specifically crafted to be accessible to all.
  • Cross training to maximize cardio and strength.
  • Intuitive day-by-day workout regimes with 100s of unique routines.
  • Clear progression.
  • Explanations of which muscles each exercise is targeting and how.
  • Real life video demonstrations and detailed descriptions of each motion, including explanations of the targeted muscle group(s) and form.
  • Full-body workouts targeting upper body, lower body, and core, while building endurance.
  • Progress and workout summaries to share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Compatibility with iTouch, iWatch, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets. Use the app across all of your devices with a single purchase.
  • Availability on and offline, so a great workout is never blocked by cell reception.

What Could Be More Important than Your Health?

Feel like your best self – from head to toe – with Gorilla Workout’s daily routines customized for your fitness level and goals.



Weight Loss







Gorilla Workout Combines the Features of the Best Fitness

Apps on the Market Today


Get the Gorilla Workout app for a one-time fee under $1! No monthly memberships. No trainer fees. No equipment expenses.


Built with busy professionals and parents in mind, the Gorilla fitness program let’s you set the pace. Just 30 minutes and you’re good to go!


See results in weeks, not months. Every exercise is carefully crafted to optimize fat burn, muscle development, and flexibility.


Gorilla Workout’s daily routines make exercise more fun than a barrel of monkeys with lively videos and visualizations of your progress.

We’ll give it to you straight: The biggest reason why exercise programs fail – even with the best fitness app – is MOTIVATION.

Between long days at the office, after-school pick-ups, and meal prep, pulling together the energy to drive to the gym and slave away on the treadmill or under a bench press is the last thing you want to do!

With Gorilla Workout, you can work out from almost anywhere. All it takes is half an hour and a phone, tablet, or Apple Watch.

Need an extra push? Chase the numbers! Track your progress with fun visuals and stats. Share your daily accomplishments on social media for encouragement, accountability, and a bit of friendly competition.

Finding the Right Fitness App for You

Picking a fitness app can feel daunting, because there are just so many choices! – from Apple Watch fitness apps to fitness apps for Android, and everything in between.

Learn why users at every level love Gorilla Workout.

“I have used body weight exercise programs before like Simplefit, but the app makes working out fun! You look forward to completing each workout! Completely worth the couple bucks!!”

Kevin DeLisle

“Very easy to get into; exercises are short but useful. Been doing two workouts a day – feels great after and sore on the next day. Highly recommend for time crammed people that have a short time to workout.”


“It’s a great little program. I love the variation and how quick the workouts are, and yet I find myself sore pretty regularly. I am doing one workout every day, and it’s easy enough to keep up with, but doesn’t detract from my day. Killer app!!”


“Perfect for people who don’t have hours or money on their hands to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment. It’s only been a week and I’ve already seen improvements in my lower body.”


“Great App! Easy to use. Video demonstrations are clear and simple. Workouts are varied from day to day which keeps things interesting.”


“I am totally enjoying this app!! I’ve integrated it into my yoga, walking, meditation routine!! Thanks for helping me get fit!!”

Anthony Iannone



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