Frequently Asked Questions

The Gorilla Workout app makes exercise fun and accessible to everyone. Starting a new workout program can be overwhelming, so we share our answers to common questions here.

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Do I need equipment for Gorilla Workouts?

No, you will not need any equipment to complete Gorilla Workouts workouts.


Some advanced level exercises incorporate a pull-up bar, which can be substituted with a workout band wrapped around a door jam.

I don’t have much fitness experience. Will the app guide me through each motion and explain what muscles I am working?

Yes. You’ll find video demoes and detailed explanations of every exercise in the Gorilla Workout program. We built this app to make it easy for complete beginners to join the world of fitness.

I haven’t exercised in years and don’t want to be discouraged by a program that’s too advanced. Will Gorilla Workout be too hard for me?

If you’re just getting started with fitness (or just getting back into it), this is an ideal program to guide you. Gorilla Workouts are specifically created to build strength without overstraining your body, no matter what level you are at. By keeping our workouts short and sweet, we ensure that you stay active without burning out.

I’m a serious athlete. What does Gorilla Workout offer me that regular practice doesn’t?

Gorilla Workouts compliment your routine training with well-rounded exercises to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Dive into the details on our Exercise page.

Where can I find different workout formats?

The makers of Gorilla are responsible for creating a wide range of free and paid exercise apps for Apple and Android iOS. Whether you’re looking for a 30-day program before swimsuit season or a heart rate monitor to keep pace during cardio, get and stay fit with over 50 innovative fitness apps from Heckr LLC.


Do I need to download the Signature Workouts?

The app comes with a comprehensive workout routine that will keep you active and fit. To mix things up or focus on a particular fitness goal, download any or all of Gorilla’s 45+ Signature Workouts from the app’s home screen. Check out our featured Signature Workouts!

How many workout programs should I follow at a time?

For beginners, we do not recommend following more than two Signature Workouts simultaneously. More advanced athletes could do more if their physical strength and energy allow.

Can I use Gorilla Workout on more than one device?

Yes! You can use Gorilla Workout on any iPad, iWatch, iPhone or Android phone. Just sign in to your account to start where you left off.

How many calories will I burn during each Gorilla Workout?

How many calories you burn when working out depends on your weight, fitness level, body fat percentage, age, and eating habits (to name only a few!). Gorilla Workout focuses on helping you look and feel fitter. But don’t worry; you’ll see results on the scale too!

I just want to focus on my midsection. Why are there exercises targeting leg, arm, and back muscles in Signature Workouts for the belly and core?

Core muscles are critical to balance and agility throughout the body. Exercises like lunges and push-ups engage your core while simultaneously strengthening other muscle groups that lend stability to your (soon-to-be) rock-hard midsection.


How long is one workout?

Gorilla Workouts average around 15 minutes. Workouts in Levels 3 and 4 occasionally extend a bit longer.

How much time should I rest between sets and rounds?

All Gorilla workouts are designed to be completed as fast as possible while maintain good form. Rest when you need to, for as long as you need to, but try to keep your heart rate up throughout the short workout.

Thirty to 60 seconds between rounds generally gives the body enough time to recharge and maintain good form without compromising workout intensity. If you’re training for endurance, keep your rest periods shorter, in the range of 15-30 seconds.

How much time should I rest between workouts?

You set the pace of your workout regime with Gorilla. We recommend starting with 3-5 workouts per week on different days. If you’re gunning for quick results, you can squeeze in multiple workouts in a day, but you should give your body at least one recovery day per week. The most important thing is to set a reasonable goal that doesn’t overstrain your body, and stick with it.

High-intensity Signature Workouts like Power Play suggest that you take a few days off between workouts to recover. If you’re eager to get in a workout every day, try lower intensity workouts like Universal Fit or Belly Burn on your off days.

How much time will I need to spend weekly to see results?

With our suggested 3-5 workouts per week, you’ll spend 45 minutes to an hour and a half exercising weekly. There’s no magic equation – everybody is different, and fitness results become visible on different timelines. When using Gorilla Workout regularly, most users start to see and feel results within a few weeks.

How long should I hold the plank when this comes up in a workout?

Hold out as long as you can when plank exercises come up in your workouts. If you’re just beginning, this may be as short as a few seconds. This variable timing allows you to build on increased core strength over time.



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